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Aiming to be a leading company in the industry,
Challenge the world with high technology./h3>

RC Holdings gathers the high technological capabilities handed down from our predecessors to
We are a company that creates new value for Japan and the world.
We aim to be a corporate group that leads the Japanese manufacturing industry.


Concentrate Japanese technology and bring it to the world.

The technology that supports our daily lives today is an asset created by our predecessors through repeated trial and error. On the other hand, in the globalized modern society, the technology has not been able to break through the walls of all economic zones. Now, by gathering those technologies anew and having various specialists share their wisdom and repeat trial and error again, we will leave a truly valuable industry to the next generation.


Smiles created by Japanese technology and the future of Japan created.
Leave a truly valuable industry for the next generation.

The external environment is ever-changing at an unprecedented speed. We will continue to take on new challenges by bringing together the wisdom and technology that have been handed down from our predecessors and taking the leap to the next level. We will create a future full of smiles through the “collection of technologies” and pass on a truly valuable industry to the next generation.

Company Name RC Holdings Co., Ltd.
Address 【main office】
Shin Nisseki Building 9F, 3-4-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005

【Main store】
2-44-1 Sakuramoto, Kawasaki Ward, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture 210-0833
Established January 17, 2022
Capital 60 million yen
Business content Formulation of group management strategies, creation of synergies between businesses, business management and operational support of group companies
Board Member Representative Director  Tsubasa Ueno
Director      Taisuke Maki
Director      Masayasu Miyama
Director      Toshiro Horikiri
Director      Naoya Shite
Executive Officer  Shinichi Masuda
Executive Officer  Kazuki Yamashita
Executive Officer  Norihisa Mimura
Executive Officer  Wataru Higuchi
Auditor        Shinya Ohata
Auditor        Keisuke Watanabe
Number of employees 389 (group consolidated)
Affiliate Riken Alumite Industry Co., Ltd.
Kanto Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
Miyako Seiki Co., Ltd.
Sanei Co., Ltd.
Ooitechnica Co., Ltd.
Soltec Co., Ltd.
Shokowsha Co.,Ltd