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Sanei Co., Ltd.

Trade Name Sanei Co., Ltd.
Overview Abundant technology and advanced production. Attitude to challenge new technology.
To that end, we cultivate the ability to discern the essence of "thinking" and "creating" things,
We aim for higher performance quality and production.
In addition, we always keep in mind policies based on innovative ideas and the global environment.
We will continue to look at the next generation from a global perspective and create new technologies.
Business Content High-precision metal processing technology created by state-of-the-art equipment and craftsmanship.
Sanei Co., Ltd.
We have created high technology and reliable production in stainless steel and metal parts, and with high added value,
We offer more advanced products.
Anticipating the rapid changes in society and diversifying highly confidential technologies,
We are passionate about further development toward the creation of the new century.
Year of establishment May 1963
Location Head office/factory: 36 Imonocho, Yamagata 990-2351 (Yamagata Seibu Industrial Park)

Miharashinooka Office 〒990-2317 5-1-7 Miharashinooka, Yamagata City

TEL Head Office/Factory TEL 023-643-4653 FAX 023-643-4326M

Miharashi no Oka Office TEL 023-687-1637 FAX 023-687-1638
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